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Mr. Lewis was extremely professional and a great lawyer. He never once made me feel wrong, spoke to me very professionally and truly went above and beyond. He would make whatever drive needed, knew everything, and truly got the job done. Highly recommend.
an Avvo user AVVO

Great experience under terrible circumstances...when your future is at risk, the attorney you chose could decide your fate..Flood & associates took my case personal...I felt I was represented by family...highly recommend Tyler to everyone!
Brent, a Google user Google

Tyler was open and honest at our initial consultation. He told me I'd have to wait, and if i did we'd be successful. For two years Tyler kept his same energy and his character; most of all, he kept his word. Allie and Kate; were awesome.
Chase, a Google user Google

I personally want everyone to know, this is the best law firm for dui issues! They are professional and responds all the time, communications between the office and myself was on par at all times and bottom line. MY CASE WAS DISMISSED!!!
TW David C., a Yelp user Yelp

Tyler did a great job for me. I never felt like he wanted me to settle. In fact he would encourage me to hang in there and go to trial. In the end my DWI was dismissed the day of trial. I would definitely recommend them.
Robin, a Google user Google

Excellent firm with excellent lawyers. I hired them based on a friends recommendation and after reading their reviews I was set. My case wasn’t the most difficult but was nowhere close to an easy win. It went on for some time and all the while I thought I just wanted to be done and wasn’t worried about winning anymore. Little did I know they had found every problem there was with the case and presented an extremely strong defense on my behalf and ended my case with a not guilty verdict. I couldn’t have asked for a better defense and am definitely pleased with the outcome. If you think you’re in a lose lose situation hire Tyler floods office... you’ll see just how wrong you can be.
Jack, an Avvo user AVVO

Complete professionalism, if you need help, Tyler is your guy, this is one of the most important decisions of your life! Choose wisely...
Bobby, a Google user Google

Tyler has an excellent legal team. They are very professional and show exceptional expertise in their work. They also go above and beyond in the work, thought, and effort they put forth for their clients. I would absolutely recommend Tyler's Law Firm for those in need of an excellent lawyer
Siddharth R., a Yelp user Yelp

Everything Tyler said he would do was done. After 2 years my case was dismissed. I could not have asked for Tyler and his staff to have worked better on my case.
CP, a Google user Google

Tyler Flood and associates are an astronomical team. Tyler was aggressive when needed to be and very professional during my trail. He left no stone unturned. I highly reccomend Mr. Flood if you ever find yourself in a situation such as myself. The not guilty verdict for a dwi was the best!
Magaly, an Avvo user AVVO

Jordan Lewis is an extremely talented, smart lawyer with wisdom beyond his years. I recommend him highly.
Mark Bennett, a Google user Google

Tyler was great... He won my DWI case and I thought I didnt even have a chance due to the blood evidence that they had . The staff was great and very friendly. He's worth every penny and then some.
Michael W., an Avvo user AVVO

My family has used Tyler and his team for two separate cases. One had video footage of admittance of guilt and, although advised against it, they followed our wishes to take it to court. Not guilty verdict. Second case was dropped but I'm sure in no small part because of their involvement. They were kind, respectful and extremely competent. Highly recommend (although I certainly hope that you never need them).
Sara P., a Yelp user Yelp

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