Chambers County

Chambers County is located in southeastern Texas with a population of 35,096. Its current county seat is the city of Anahuac. Chambers County is one of Texas’s smaller counties, consisting of 9 and 8 unincorporated communities. The county was named after major general Thomas Jefferson Chambers from the Texas Revolution.

It may be a small county, but Chambers County law enforcement are always on high alert. You can easily be criminally charged if you violate the law in Chambers County. If you or someone you know has been criminally charged in Chambers County, it’s important you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

DWI Attorney in Chambers County, Texas

If you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s important you act now. You may need a defense team to fight your charges. Find that representation you need by calling the attorneys at Tyler Flood & Associates, Inc.. We have years of knowledge from practicing law in Chambers County courts.

You can call us at (713) 224-5529 to schedule a free consultation surrounding your case. Our lawyers will analyze your charges to see what your legal options are. We accept clients throughout Chambers County and Harris County including Anahuac, Houston, Cove and Pasadena.

Overview of Chambers County in Texas

Crimes Committed in Chambers County, Texas

Chambers County is one of Texas’s smaller counties, but it doesn’t mean their police officers aren’t active. Many law enforcement agencies recorded 822 “index crimes” in 2018, which include burglary, theft, grand theft auto, rape, robbery, assault and murder.

Listed below are some common offenses committed in Chambers County, Texas.

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Crime Statistics for Chambers County, Texas

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has implemented a Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program to help compile arrest data around the country. The program only asks for “index crimes,” which are specific offenses such as rape or assault. Chambers County has participated in this program so the general public can access their crime data.

The following is some arrest data collected by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office for 2018.

  • 822 index crimes were reported by Chambers County law enforcement agents;
  • 553 people were charged with theft and 17 out of those were auto theft;
  • 148 people faced burglary charges;
  • 16 Chamber County residents were charged with robbery;
  • 63 people were arrested for assault; and
  • 25 people were criminally charged for sexual assault

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Legal Resources for Chambers County Residents

Criminal Courts – Class A and B misdemeanors are managed at Chambers County’s criminal courts. The court is presided over by Jimmy Sylvia, the County Judge. You can find the Chambers County criminal court at 404 Washington Avenue in Anahauc.

District Courts – Chambers County uses District Courts to manage felony-level and state jail felony cases. Currently Randy McDonald is the chief judge for the 344th District Court. The court is located at 404 Washington Avenue on the third floor in Ananhuac.

District Clerk of Chambers County – Patti L. Henry is the official Chambers County clerk since 2008. She manages all paperwork associated with both the District and County courts. Her office is located at 404 Washington Avenue on the third floor in Ananhuac.

First Appellate Court of Texas – Appealing a criminal trial will send you to the First Court of Appeals in Texas. The court is made up of a clerk, eight justices and a chief justice who preside over criminal and civil cases. Find the court at 201 Fannis Street #208 in Houston, Texas.

Texas Supreme Court – The highest court in Texas is called the Supreme Court. All cases that have been appealed multiple times head to the Supreme Court as a “last stop.” The court is located at 201 West 14th Street #104 in the city of Austin.

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Law Enforcement Resources for Chambers County Residents

Chambers County Sheriff’s Office – Brian C. Hawthorne is the current appointed Sheriff for Harris County. He heads a staff of officers and civilians to ensure the safety of Chambers County residents. You can find his office at 201 North Court in Anahuac, Texas.

Mont Belvieu Police Department – Virgil Blasdel is the current Chief of Police for the Mont Belvieu Police Department. The agency provides services to protect and overlook the communities in Mont Belvieu. Their address is located at 11607 Eagle Drive in Mont Belvieu.

Texas Highway Patrol -The Highway Patrol is a traffic subdivision for the Department of Safety (DPS). Highway patrol officers are in charge of regulating highways and catching people who are violating traffic laws. Click the link above to find the closest Highway Patrol office near you.

Texas Department of Justice – The Department of Justice oversees all detention facilities in Texas such as state jails or prisons. TDCJ runs the Board of Criminal Justice to assist law enforcement. They also run programs designed to help offenders from reoffending such as rehabilitative programs.

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Cities in Chambers County, TX

The following are some prominent cities found in Chambers County, Texas.

  • Anahuac – Anahuac is the county seat of Chambers County located on the Texas Gulf Coast. The city of Anahuac covers about 2.1 square miles of land and the population was last reported in 2000 at 2,210 people.
  • Beach City – Beach City, Texas is located in the western part of Chambers County only about eight miles from Baytown. It is nearest to Farm Road 2354 and Trinity Bay. The residents of Beach City voted to incorporate in 1966, at that time the town was eight miles long and only a quarter of a mile wide. Today the town is 2,000 acres larger and has a population of about 1,645 people.
  • Cove – Cove, Texas is a small city about 1.3 square miles in size, it is located in Chambers County. Cove is only 35 miles from the big city of Houston right off of Interstate 10. The population here is small, only about 323 people living in this town.
  • Mont Belvieu – Mont Belvieu is located only 32 miles away from Houston in the northwestern part of Chambers County. It is at the intersection of Highway 146 and Farm Rd 1942 just north of I-10, the main interstate traveled when going to Houston. The population in this area was last reported in 2000 at 2,324 people.
  • Old River-Winfree – Old River-Winfree formerly known as Winfree is on Farm Rd 565 and 1409, just 35 miles east of Houston in the northwestern part of Chambers County. The population in this town was last reported in 2000 at 1,364 people.
  • Seabrook -Seabrook borders both Galveston Bay and Clear Lake. Parts of the city also resides in Harris County as well as Chambers County. The year round population is just under 12,000 people.

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Additional Resources

Texas NORML Chapter – Visit the official website of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, otherwise known as NORML. Access the site to learn more about their events, legislation for recreational and medical marijuana and more.

Texas Laws – Visit the official website for Texas legislation to learn more about their state laws. Access the site and use their dropdown menu to locate the Penal Code and find the associated penalties of your charges. You can also find court procedures by selecting Code of Criminal Procedure.

Defense Lawyer in Chambers County, Texas

If you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal offense, it’s crucial you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. The lawyers at Tyler Flood & Associates, Inc. have been practicing criminal defense for years. Our team can help you battle your charges by creating a strong defense.

Call us now at (713) 224-5529 and schedule a consultation today. Our attorneys at Tyler Flood & Associates, Inc. accept clients throughout the cities of Anahuac and Hosuton including West University Place, Tomball, Cove and Mont Belvieu.

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