Montgomery County, Texas is a part of the Houston Metropolitan area. Houston DWI Lawyer Tyler Flood handles DWI and Criminal Defense cases in all areas of Montgomery County. Located just North of Harris County, Montgomery County is the 36th fastest growing county in the U.S. and is considered the gateway to the Piney Woods.

With beautiful lakes perfect for fishing and boating, Montgomery county is also a prime area for being charged with a DWI or BWI (boating while intoxicated). Local law enforcement are constantly setting up roadblocks to catch individuals they suspect may have been drinking and you can almost always guarantee sting operations during holiday weekends.

DWI Info By City:

  • Conroe, Texas
  • Cut and Shoot, Texas
  • Houston, TX
  • Magnolia, Texas
  • Montgomery, Texas
  • Oak Ridge North, Texas
  • Panorama Village, Texas
  • Patton Village, Texas
  • Pinehurst, Texas
  • Porter Heights, Texas
  • Roman Forest, Texas
  • Shenandoah, Texas
  • Splendora, Texas
  • Stagecoach, Texas
  • The Woodlands, Texas
  • Willis, Texas
  • Woodbranch, Texas
  • Woodloch, Texas

Client Testimonials

  • 5 Stars
    "Tyler Flood and associates are an astronomical team. Tyler was aggressive when needed to be and very professional during my trail. He left no stone unturned. I highly reccomend Mr. Flood if you ever find yourself in a situation such as myself. The not guilty verdict for a dwi was the best! "
    - Magaly
  • 5 Stars
    "Great experience under terrible circumstances...when your future is at risk, the attorney you chose could decide your fate..Flood & associates took my case personal...I felt I was represented by family...highly recommend Tyler to everyone!"
    - Brent
  • 5 Stars
    "I personally want everyone to know, this is the best law firm for dui issues! They are professional and responds all the time, communications between the office and myself was on par at all times and bottom line. MY CASE WAS DISMISSED!!!"
    - TW David C.
  • 5 Stars
    "Tyler did a great job for me. I never felt like he wanted me to settle. In fact he would encourage me to hang in there and go to trial. In the end my DWI was dismissed the day of trial. I would definitely recommend them."
    - Robin
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