Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County is located in the southeastern region of Texas. Its current county seat is the city of Richmond, but its most populous city is Sugar Land. The county has boasted itself as one of the wealthiest in Texas with a median household income of $95, 389 according to Forbes Magazine. However, this doesn’t mean crime isn’t prevalent in the Fort Bend area. Law enforcement patrol Fort Bend streets every day looking for crime. If you or someone you know has been criminally charged, it’s imperative you seek legal representation. A conviction on your record could affect your professional and personal life. In addition, you’ll be confronted with the statutory penalties of the offense, meaning possible jail or prison time.

Aggressive Defense Attorneys in Fort Bend County

Have you been accused of a crime in Fort Bend County? If so, it’s important you have trusted legal counsel. The attorneys at [firm] have years of criminal defense experience, especially concerning DWI cases. Our team can implement our defense strategies for your case. Call [phone] today to set up a consultation surrounding your charges. The attorneys at [firm] will analyze the facts of the case to assess your legal options. [firm] accepts clients throughout Fort Bend County and Harris County including Houston, Missouri City, West University Place, Richmond, Magnolia Park and Arcola. Overview of Fort Bend in Texas

Offenses Committed in the Fort Bend Area

Fort Bend may be a wealthy county, but it’s no stranger to crime. Law enforcement made 1,285 arrests in 2018, and that just includes major crimes such as assault or robbery. Because of this, it’s important you have legal representation available if you’re charged. Listed below are some common offenses committed by people in Fort Bend County.

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Statistics for Crime in Fort Bend County

Texas adheres to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) data collecting program referred to as Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR). The program asks for County Sheriffs to input information they’ve collected throughout the year so it can be compiled into a spreadsheet. The statistics only include what the FBI believes to be “index crimes,” which are larceny, auto theft, burglary, robbery, assault, rape and murder. The following is some crime statistics and data from Fort Bend County law enforcement.

  • 9,816 offenses were recorded by Fort Bend County law enforcement;
  • 6,572 of those people were charged with some sort of theft;
  • 512 people were arrested for grand theft auto;
  • 1,312 were criminally charged with burglary;
  • 327 people faced charges for robbery;
  • 874 residents were arrested for assault;
  • 186 people faced criminal charges for sexual assault; and
  • 13 people were charged with murder

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Fort Bend County Court Resources

Fort Bend County Criminal Courts – Minor criminal cases such as class A or B misdemeanors are handled in Fort Bend County’s criminal courts. There are six county courts for criminal matters in Fort Bend. You can locate the closest one to you by clicking the link above. Fort Bend County District Courts – Felony-level and state jail felony cases are handled at the District Courts in Fort Bend County. The county has 11 District Courts which are each managed by a chief judge. You can find the nearest District Court by clicking the link above. District Clerk for Fort Bend County – The District Clerk organizes all paperwork associated with cases in the District Court for Fort Bend County. The current Clerk for Fort Bend County is Honorable Beverly McGrew Walker, who manages a full staff to ensure cases run smoothly. Find important documentation and fee information by accessing the link above. First Court of Appeals – Sometimes a case has been compromised because of a legal error. You can contest your trial by filing an appeal with the First Court of Appeals. The court is made up of eight justices, a chief justice and a clerk. The First Court of Appeals is located at 201 Caroline Street #420 in the city of Houston. Texas Supreme Court – When cases have nowhere else to go, they’re sent to the highest court in Texas, the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is made up of eight justices and a chief justice. You can locate the Texas Supreme Court at 201 West 14th Street #104 in Austin.

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Law Enforcement Resources for Fort Bend County

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department – The current Sheriff for Fort Bend County is Troy E. Nehls. He heads a staff of officers and civilians to ensure the residents of Fort Bend County are protected. Find the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office at 1410 Williams Way Blvd in Richmond, Texas. Richmond Police Department – The Richmond Police Department is led by Chief of Police Gary W. Adams. The Department strives to protect and serve its residents with fair and impartial service. You can locate the Richmond Police Department at 600 Preston Street. Texas Highway Patrol – The Texas Highway Patrol is a subdivision of the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS). Their officers regulate traffic laws and monitor freeway drivers. Find the neatest Highway Patrol office by clicking the link above. Texas Department of Justice – The Texas Department of Criminal Justice handles all matters relating to the justice department in Texas. The agency manages detention facilities such as prisons and state jails as well. Additionally, they host rehabilitation programs for offenders who have a chemical dependency.

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Prominent Cities in Fort Bend, County

Fort Bend County is home to 17 cities and 11 unincorporated communities. Listed below are some important cities found in the Fort Bend County area.

  • Arcola - Arcola is a small town with a population of 1,048 people, just twenty miles from Richmond, Texas. It is off of Farm Road 521 and Highway 6. In the late 1800’s the population was mostly made up of slaves that had been freed, at that time the population was much smaller. Today the growth in the community can be attributed by its closer proximity to a big city like Houston.
  • Beasley - Beasley is in the southwestern part of Fort Bend County only eleven miles from Richmond off of Highway 59. It is a small town of only 590 people that became incorporated in 1970.
  • Fulshear - Fulshear is a small agricultural community in northern Fort Bend County, it is on Farm Roads 359 and 1093. As of 2000 the population in this area was 716 people.
  • Katy - Katy is on I-10 and Highway 90 just twenty five miles from downtown Houston. While the city itself only has a population of 14,661, the entire Katy area has a population of around 270,000 residents. Before it was known as Katy, it was known as Cane Island. Katy is one of the largest growing areas in Houston Metro Area and is comprised of Ft Bend County, Harris County and Waller County, Texas.
  • Meadows Place - Meadows Place is located in Fort Bend County within the Houston-Sugar Land-metropolitan area. It is between West Belfort Ave, US Route 59, Dairy Ashford Rd, and West Airport Blvd. The city covers .9 square miles of land and has a population of about 4,912 people.
  • Needville - Needville is a city in Fort Bend County, Texas within the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolitan area. The city covers 1.7 square miles of land and a population of 2,609, last reported in 2000. The residents in this city are served by the Needville Independent School District.
  • Orchard - Orchard is thirteen miles from Richmond in Fort Bend County. It is at the intersection of Farm Road 1489 and Highway 36. Orchard is a small population with only about 408 people, last reported in 2000.
  • Richmond - Richmond has a population of about 11,081 people and is located on the Brazos River just 15 miles from Houston. It is the county seat of Fort Bend County. The most accessible highways in the area mainly used by Richmond residents are going to be Highway 90A and Highway 59.
  • Rosenberg - Rosenberg is a city with a population of about 24,043 people located right in the center of Fort Bend County. It is only eight miles southwest of downtown Houston on Highway 59. In 1946 Rosenberg helped form the Lamar Consolidated School District. More than 13,000 kids attend school in this district. The community is also known for the Rosenberg Czech festival and the Fort Bend County Fair, held on their grounds every year.
  • Simonton - Simonton is a small city that became incorporated in 1979 with a population today of only 718 people. It is in Fort Bend County at the intersection of Farm Roads 1093 and 1489. This small town was once the leading producer of potatoes.
  • Stafford - Stafford is located right on the border between Fort Bend and Harris Counties, but considered Fort Bend County. It is on Farm Road 1092 but other accessible highways are Highways 90A and 59. The town has a population of about 16,000 people and many of those commute to the city for work.
  • Sugar Land - Sugar Land is part of eastern Fort Bend County only 20 miles from downtown Houston. Sugar Land became incorporated in 1959 but was originally a sugar plantation in the mid 1800’s. The latest reported population was 2009 at 79,573 people. In 2000 Sugar Land was ranked as #1 in growth among the Houston Metro area and also among the 45 largest cities in Texas.
  • Weston Lakes - The city of Weston Lakes is in between Fulshear and Simonton in Fort Bend County. There are two parts of the city, a gated community with a golf course and country club, and there is an agricultural part. Weston Lakes is in the Lamar Independent School District, and the population is only about 2,300.

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Additional Resources

Legal Resources – Visit the official website of the Fort Bend County District Clerk to gain access to their resources. Gain access to legal search engines, how to petition for non-disclosure, rules for a criminal trial and other judicial resources. Texas Laws – Visit the official website of the Texas Constitution and Statutes to learn more about state laws. Access the site to read the Penal Code, which details the penalties for crimes committed in the state of Texas.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Bend County, Texas

If you or someone you know has been charged with an offense in Fort Bend County, it’s imperative you seek legal representation. You can find that by simply calling the attorneys at [firm]. Our legal team is experienced in criminal defense with a strong focus in DWI. Contact us now at [phone] to set up a free consultation. We can assess you charges to help you know what to do next. [firm] accepts clients throughout the cities of Richmond and Houston including Fulshear, West University Place, Arcola, Pasadena and Sugar Land.

This article was last updated on March 21, 2019.


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