Need a DWI Lawyer? DON'T Hire One Until You Read This

April 17, 2020

Have you been charged with driving while intoxicated in Texas? A DWI conviction can have life-altering consequences, and the only person in the entire world who can help you in this situation is your DWI lawyer. Choosing the right DWI attorney is probably the most important decision you are going to have to make after an arrest.

However, making this choice is not a simple task. Every single DWI lawyer who meets you, calls you, or emails you is going to claim that they are the very best in the business. Clearly, all lawyers are not created equal, and there is at least one lawyer who is going to be better than the rest.

Finding that lawyer in a high-pressure situation after a DWI arrest is like having to find a needle in a haystack when time is running out. So what do you do? 

Like most people, you’ll probably consult with Google. 

Google will instantly produce millions of search results, and you won’t know whom to trust and whom to reject. The legal jargon of most lawyers will not help matters, and the more lawyers you talk to, the more confused you may become about identifying the right person.

Finally, An eBook that Will Solve Your Problem

For years, we wished if a DWI lawyer would be willing to spill the beans on what it takes to win a drunk driving case in the court of law, give away the ‘trade secrets’, and be prepared to inform and educate clients on how to select the right DWI attorney for their defense.

At last, Attorney Tyler Flood of Flood & Associates in Houston, TX has penned the perfect manual to help clients evaluate and determine the best DWI lawyer for their needs. Ultimate Guide to Hiring a DWI Lawyer by Tyler Flood provides 25 questions your lawyer should be able to answer before you hire them. 

 There was a time when you could possibly plead to a lesser charge after a DWI arrest (for instance, reckless driving), pay a fine, and be done with it. But ever since all 50 states adopted drunk driving “per se” laws, the need to hire the very best DWI attorney in your state has become critical. 

In simpler words, all 50 states have made it mandatory for a motorist arrested for drunk driving to be judged on the DWI charge. Therefore, if your BAC is found to exceed the legal limit of .08, you can be found guilty of a DWI offense. No matter if you did not have a slurred speech or were not staggering or did not appear intoxicated in any other way, your BAC level alone will suffice as evidence to convict you of DWI.

In the backdrop of this harsh legal reality, Attorney Tyler Flood’s eBook has arrived as the much-needed problem-solver for people facing a DWI conviction who need to have the best DWI lawyer on their side.

What Inspired Flood to Write this eBook?   

The trigger for this handy consumer’s guide probably came from Flood’s personal experience with trying to find a good family lawyer for his own brother. In the introduction to the book, Flood narrates the experience when his brother was going through a rather difficult divorce, and needed a good attorney to help him navigate this tough phase.

Despite being a leading legal luminary himself and having an outstanding reputation and network, Flood felt embarrassed as he struggled to help his brother find a lawyer that could be trusted. He realized how you feel like a fish out of water when it is your own neck on the line, and when while dealing with all the stress, you have to worry about finding the right legal professional to represent you.

Flood and his family went through three lawyers before they found someone who was good at what they were doing. If after being an experienced legal professional himself Flood had to struggle to find a good lawyer, what would be the condition of the average DWI client who is probably having their first brush with the law? 

That thought compelled Flood to take the plunge and share his distilled wisdom and years of experience with the readers who desperately need to hire the best DWI lawyer to protect their rights.

Priceless Insights about Evaluating a DWI Lawyer

The eBook Ultimate Guide to Hiring a DWI Lawyer by Tyler Flood provides some invaluable nuggets of information and insights that only an industry insider would know. 

To simplify your selection process, Flood has created this eBook in the form of a comprehensive checklist of 25 questions. This introduces a high level of objectivity into an otherwise highly subjective question of “Who is the best DWI lawyer in the business?”

For instance, one of the first questions Flood encourages his readers to ask their DWI attorney is: “Are you a board-certified criminal lawyer?” Now this is what we call an objective question. You may claim that you are a great, wonderful, exceptional, or amazing DWI lawyer, and it is hard to dispute your claim. 

But you can only claim you are “board-certified” when you indeed have a board certification in criminal law from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The eBook informs the readers that only one percent of all attorneys in Texas are board certified. So, if your DWI lawyer is board certified, you automatically know that he or she belongs to that elite one percent top category of lawyers in Texas. 

By this one question alone, you have narrowed down your choices to one percent, while you can safely set aside the remaining 99 percent. But this is just one question. Flood has formulated 25 sharp and incisive questions in his eBook to help you zero in on that “one” lawyer that is just right to help you put up a robust DWI defense.

Download Your Copy of the eBook Now!

To download your very own copy of Ultimate Guide to Hiring a DWI Lawyer by Tyler Flood, click here now! In any case, before or after you have read the eBook, feel free to talk to top-rated, board-certified criminal defense attorney Tyler Flood of Flood & Associates. Call 24/7, 365 at 713.224.5529 for a free case review or use this online contact form to request a free consultation.


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