DWI Defense: Can a DWI Affect my Ability to Travel?

February 2, 2022

Most of the legal penalties in a Texas DWI conviction are direct and immediate, but some can be less apparent and last much longer. One of these indirect consequences can be your restricted ability to immigrate to certain countries or even travel to some of these countries. A DWI can be considered a much more serious criminal offense in other countries, which makes you inadmissible as a foreign visitor according to the laws of their land.  A Misdemeanor DWI conviction can prevent you from traveling to Canada. 

Considering these lasting adverse consequences that can impact your freedom and opportunities in various ways, it is prudent to hire a top-rated DWI defense attorney and fight your charges vigorously in the first place. Without a DWI conviction, it will be possible for you to have your DWI arrest record expunged and your ability to travel and various other types of opportunities and freedoms will be restored.

Will a DWI in Texas Impact Your Travel to Other States?

Fortunately, even with a DWI conviction on your record, you are free to travel to every state within the US. It makes no difference to your travel plans, whether you want to enjoy a family vacation to an exotic location within the country or travel to other states on business. None of the states can deny you entry or send you back just because you have a past DWI conviction in Texas.

However, an experienced DWI defense lawyer can guide you about certain issues to remember when you plan to travel with a DWI. The foremost concern is that if you are serving your DWI sentence currently, you are required to follow specific rules while traveling as follows:

·        If your driver’s license in Texas is currently suspended, you are not allowed to drive in any other state that you may visit. According to the law, your driver’s license must be valid in Texas (your home state) to enable you to drive in any other state.

·        If your DWI sentence in Texas has restricted you to drive only to and from your place of work, you will not be permitted to drive when you travel outside the state.

·        If you are on parole or under probation for your DWI in Texas, you will need permission from the authorities if you wish to travel out of state. If you violate this rule, you risk having your parole or probation revoked. Make sure to consult with your DWI defense attorney to stay on the right side of law when you plan to travel in these circumstances.

Foreign Countries That May Impose Restrictions on Your Travel

If you are planning to travel outside the United States with a past DWI conviction on your record, you should check with your DWI defense lawyer in Texas how certain countries may impose restrictions on your visit.

·        Canada: Any DWI conviction may bar you from entry into Canada.

·        Mexico: A DWI conviction in the last 10 years may make you ineligible to travel to Mexico.

·        Other Countries: Certain Asian and Middle Eastern countries may place restrictions on your travel because of a DWI conviction.

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