Why You Must Have a Houston White Collar Crimes Attorney on Speed Dial

July 27, 2020

White collar crimes in Texas typically involve intricate evidentiary matters, ranging from layered financial transactions to complex elements of fraud. The government will often put the full force of its investigative and prosecution machinery to work in detecting and establishing white collar crimes in matters of money laundering, securities fraud, financial fraud, and embezzlement. 


Choosing a Lawyer With Proven Credentials


Whether as an individual or an organization, you need a seasoned Houston white collar crimes attorney to handle such cases involving complicated legal interactions and extreme attention to detail in order to protect your rights. Your lawyer has to be someone with proven skills and a track record of having successfully handled white collar crime cases in Texas. 


Your attorney should bring to the table deep domain expertise and years of experience in defending individuals facing white collar crimes. Only they can appreciate how much your freedom and reputation means to you and will do everything possible within the realm of law to fight for your rights, while engaging with you closely at every step of your defense strategy formulation and execution.


A dedicated Houston criminal defense attorney would have built their practice on aggressive protection of their client’s interests and maintain the utmost confidentiality in all respects. They will prioritize your matter over all others, and put their maximum resources and networking to create the strongest possible defense and increase the likelihood of success.


Experience in Defending Against a Range of Allegations


A top Houston white collar crimes attorney will be able to provide you with sharp legal counsel and representation in the following matters and more: 


  • Fraud, including bank and securities fraud, taxation, insurance, internet, and business fraud

  • Violation of the False Claims Act 

  • Violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

  • Allegations of bribery 

  • Political corruption

  • Ponzi scheme charges 

  • RICO charges

  • Investigation under the Dodd-Frank Act

  • Corporate criminal liability

  • Conspiracy investigation

  • Violation of environmental laws

  • Professional licensing investigations

  • Assets seizure and forfeiture 

  • Dealing in counterfeit goods


Resourcefulness and the Ability to Investigate


If you or your organization has been targeted by government investigators for suspected legal or administrative violations, you should be prepared that the government will likely enlist massive resources to create an impregnable case against you. 


To counter this enormous strength of the federal and state governments, you need a resourceful Houston criminal defense attorney who can stand up to that governmental power, carry out an independent investigation, and identify the weaknesses and loopholes in the government’s case. 


A seasoned white collar crimes law firm in Houston will back up your defense by putting to work an entire team of professionals, including lawyers, forensic accountants, investigators, tax experts, and committed support staff to ensure a determined defense is launched to safeguard your rights. 


The key to success in these cases often lies in the timing of your defense. The moment you get the first indication that you might be under investigation or could be implicated in a case involving a white collar crime, you need to move swiftly and consult with a capable criminal defense lawyer and take proactive steps to protect yourself.


Facing White Collar Crime Charges? Choose Flood & Associates

If you’re facing white collar crime charges, all hope is not lost. At Flood & Associates, our team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated criminal defense attorneys will give you the best defense possible. 

From our staff and in-office assets, no one in the state of Texas compares to our resources and team. Call our team 24/7, 365 at 713-224-5529 for a case review or use this online contact form to request a consultation with one of our attorneys.


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