What Sets DWI Attorney Tyler Flood And His Firm Apart From His Competition?

October 17, 2020


If you are facing DWI charges in Texas, probably the single most important person you need to have on your side in this difficult time is a Houston DWI attorney. When the stakes are extremely high, the most decisive action you can take under the circumstances is to choose the most competent DWI defense lawyer with an outstanding record of wins and not guilty verdicts.

Remember that in a DWI case in Texas, winning is everything. This is where Houston DWI lawyer Tyler Flood distinguishes himself from the competition. Flood has the record for the most wins and not guilty verdicts of all defense lawyers for all DWI and criminal cases in 2018 set for trial in Harris County. (The figures are verified by the website Show Me The Justice).


Earning the Trust of Clients

houston dwi attorney

Year after year, Tyler Flood and his ace legal team continue to excel in their performance and favorable outcomes for their clients in DWI cases. Having achieved consistent success and winning numerous difficult cases, attorney Flood has emerged as a highly trusted and influential figure in the Houston community. 

His clients trust him and depend on him when they are in difficulty, and they know he will fight tooth and nail in the court with an aim to have their DWI charges dismissed altogether or to help reduce their penalties. For Houston DWI attorney Tyler Flood, the biggest reward of his work is when he is able to legally protect the good name of a member of the community against untrue or unfair DWI charges.  


Board Certification and Other Recognitions 

houston dwi attorney

One of the first things you should ask when choosing a Houston DWI lawyer is whether they are board-certified. Attorney Flood differentiates himself from the competition not just by his performance, but also by his proven professional credentials. He has been certified with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The board only certifies a small number of lawyers every year after a rigorous selection process. 

Flood has also earned the coveted designation of ACS-CHAL Lawyer-Scientist. This is an indicator of his professional level of understanding of the scientific techniques applied in DWI cases. The ACS Divisions of Chemistry and Law have recognized his expertise. These skills are critical in DWI cases to achieve justice and victory for clients. 

Tyler Flood has achieved a 10.0 rating from Avvo and continues to maintain this top-most rating. This is a widely recognized nationwide lawyer rating system that rates the best DWI lawyers based on their litigation skills, client satisfaction, and favorable results.


Backed by a Strong Legal Team 

The legal team at Flood & Associates is driven by a singular goal to achieve the best possible outcomes in every single DWI case. Led by Tyler Flood, the motivated team of defense attorneys excels at providing robust legal representation to individuals accused of DWI in Houston. 


Consult with Top-Rated Houston DWI Attorney Tyler Flood

At Flood & Associates, no challenge is too big for DWI attorney Tyler Flood and his team. We will leave no stone unturned to investigate the facts and circumstances of your case and establish a strong defense strategy for you. We will stand by you and guide you at every step of the legal process. Call us for a free consultation at 713.224.5529 or reach us online for a free case review. 



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