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May 30, 2019

The flashing lights of the police in the rear-view mirror causes most people to have an immediate visceral reaction. People that are pulled over feel anxiety, stress, and fear, especially if they have been drinking. They will say what they can to get out of trouble to the police officer but when it comes time to go to court for an arrest, most people won’t even do the bare minimum of hiring an attorney. That act of hiring or not hiring an attorney can make the difference between an outcome of guilty or not guilty.

Conviction Rate

According to Harris County Criminal District Clerk’s website, less than 40 percent of those charged with a crime hire an attorney. The other 60 percent take their chances with a court appointed lawyer or represent themselves. The results speak for themselves, over the past two years, of the cases that go to trial, 74 percent of cases end with a verdict of ‘Guilty.’  

Don’t despair, for DWI cases, the success rate is higher.  The percentage of being found Not Guilty goes up depending on who you have representing you.  First Offense DWI Not Guilty statistics are higher than the average win percentage of criminal cases overall.  The difference that results in better chances of winning your DWI is all in who you hire.

Many lawyers take on and handle DWI cases but they have no idea what they are doing.  Most criminal defense lawyers who don’t specifically focus on DWI have a very low percentage of success and most ALL of they clients get convicted.  Hiring the right lawyer, like Flood Lewis and Associates, significantly increases your percentages of obtaining a dismissal or winning that precious Not Guilty verdict at trial.   

There are of course certain factors that can improve the chances that to be found Not Guilty. For DWI cases one of the most important factors is whether prosecutors have enough evidence to convict. That is why the attorney with the most DWI wins over the last year, Tyler Flood, tells clients “Do Not Blow” when it comes to breathalyzers. Refusing a breathalyzer often means prosecutors are left without a crucial piece of evidence to convict. 

Defense Lawyer With the Most Wins

Flood’s success is unquestionable in DWIs. Flood had more criminal trial victories (Not Guiltys and dismissals) than any other attorney in Harris County in 2018. In fact, no other attorney really came close with Flood nearly doubling his closest competitors in the wins column. Not only did Mr. Flood have more Not Guilty verdicts than any other lawyer in Harris County, but he had more dismissed DWI cases, than ALL other attorneys. 

It is the Not Guilty verdicts that are most impressive, however. Dismissals can happen for many reasons including plea deals for reduced sentences. A not guilty verdict means that the trial went through to completion, the jury heard all the evidence and they were convinced enough by the defense to free the defendant. 

That is no easy task and the statistics reflect how rare Not Guilty verdicts actually are. Between the beginning of 2018 and today, there have only been 57 total not guilty verdicts in Harris County. Tyler Flood and his partner Jordan Lewis accounted for 19 of those, meaning 1 in every 3 not guilty verdicts was a Flood Lewis and Associates victory. No other team comes close. In fact, Jordan Lewis is the leader in trial wins for 2019 so far.

Choosing the right attorney makes all the difference in the world.  Having an excellent attorney can literally change the outcome of yore case.  If you have been arrested for DWI, choose the team of Flood Lewis & Associates, Inc. When it comes to trial wins, no other firm comes close. 


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