Texas Celebrity Lawyer: Types of Lawyers You Can Hire

February 10, 2022

A criminal conviction for a seemingly minor offense or a DWI can set you back with severe legal penalties and have lifelong consequences in terms of your opportunities and personal reputation. The type of criminal defense attorney you choose can make all the difference between winning and losing. When you are seeking nothing but the best legal eagle in your defense, you should hire a Texas celebrity lawyer who has what it takes to win your case.

Total Client Commitment

The hallmark of an outstanding criminal defense attorney is their deep sense of commitment to their client’s goals and their own reputation and track record of victories. A true Texas celebrity lawyer will invest all the time, attention, and resources that it takes to build a powerful defense for their client and produce targeted results.

They will be personally involved at every stage of the case and remain accessible at all times to the client. They will use their experience and insights to evaluate the facts of the case and develop a winning defense strategy in close engagement with the client.

The success in a criminal case will depend to a significant extent on whether your Texas celebrity lawyer has specialized knowledge, skills, and experience in the particular type of offense you have been charged with. While experienced criminal lawyers have vast exposure to all types of cases during the course of their career, they attain mastery in a select few areas where they start achieving an extraordinary rate of wins and not guilty verdicts for their clients.

Local Knowledge and Experience

Your criminal defense attorney should ideally have knowledge and experience about the courthouse where your case is pending. While criminal laws are largely uniform throughout Texas, the procedures will vary between different courthouses.

Some things to keep in mind include:

  • What is the D.A.’s policy with regard to plea bargaining?
  • What is the attitude of the local law enforcement? How will they perform before a jury?
  • What kind of courtroom demeanor appeals to a judge?

A Texas celebrity lawyer would be well-versed with the local procedures and the law enforcement agencies and personnel and use that knowledge to build your defense strategy.

Thriving on Challenges

Sometimes the evidence may seem to go completely against you in a criminal case, and the prosecution may seem to be driven by an agenda to nail you. Where most other criminal lawyers may see a pathway to a victory, a true Texas celebrity attorney may find it to be a part of the appeal. They thrive on what others may term as “can’t win” cases.

These lawyers are highly professional, ethical, and have no biases. They do not allow their personal feelings or opinions to come in the way of their defense strategy. This is something clients appreciate the most and it helps them bond well with their lawyer.

You Always Have a Winning Chance with a Texas Celebrity Lawyer

An arrest does not mean you can’t fight a conviction. With the top-rated attorneys at Tyler Flood & Associates, Inc. on your side, you always have a fighting chance, no matter how difficult your case may be. Call us at 713.224.5529 to request a free case review or fill out this online form.


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