Public Defender vs. a High Net Worth DWI Attorney in Houston, Texas

August 8, 2020

A DWI charge in Texas can be life-changing in a bad way, and you need to take these charges very seriously. When you are seeking legal representation in these cases, you will have a choice between hiring a Texas high net worth DWI attorney versus getting represented by a court-appointed public defender.


You Don’t Get to Choose a Public Defender 

texas high net worth dwi attorney


Although you can have a court-appointed public defender at no cost in a DWI case, you will have no choice but to accept whoever the court appoints as your lawyer. Even you end up feeling dissatisfied with the public defender’s performance it may be very hard for you to get a replacement from the court. 


On the other hand, when you work with a Houston high net worth DWI attorney, you are free to choose the very best professional in the field. You may even change your private lawyer at any stage if you want.


A Public Defender’s Caseload is Heavy  


A majority of criminal defendants are unable to afford a private lawyer, so they depend on the public defender to fight their case. The end result is that public defenders are often very busy and burdened with a heavy caseload. They may not be able to give you sufficient time during a meeting or work in a focused manner on your defense strategy.


A Texas high net worth DWI attorney, on the other hand, will give you their exclusive time and attention. They will put their maximum resources on your case and invest in a meticulous collection of evidence, preparation of witnesses and experts, and presenting a solid defense in court.


Public Defenders are Often Overworked 


Your public defender could be handling a large number of cases at any given time. If they are overworked, you could end up paying the price for it in terms of the outcome of your DWI case. Anyone would be prone to making errors if they are overworked, but it could cost you your freedom. 


While your Houston high net worth DWI attorney would explore every possible legal option and leave no stone unturned to achieve your goals, a public defender may take short-cuts. Sometimes they may recommend a quick plea deal when it is not the right strategy for you. This could reduce their caseload, but it may cost you dearly.

texas high net worth dwi attorney


Private Attorneys have a Reputation to Protect


For a Texas high net worth DWI lawyer, their reputation is their biggest asset. They will fight your case not just for you but also to maintain their own track records of wins and not guilty verdicts. When your attorney is as invested as you are in the case, you can expect the very best outcome.


However, a public defender will have no personal stakes whether you win or lose because they are just doing their job for the government. To fight DWI charges, you need someone who is highly motivated to win. 


Choose a Houston High Net Worth DWI Attorney for the Best Defense


At Flood & Associates in Texas, we know what it takes to win a DWI case. We will put up a strong fight on your behalf, no matter what DWI charges you are facing. We have a deep understanding of the local laws and we will build a compelling defense strategy backed by strong evidence. Call us at 713.224.5529 for a free case review or reach us online for a free consultation.


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