Why You Must Hire a Texas Drug Possession Attorney For Felony Drug Charges

January 16, 2020

Texas law classifies drug crimes from the level of a misdemeanor to a felony. The offense is determined in accordance with the number of drugs involved. 

At the lowest quantities, possession of controlled substances or possession of marijuana may be classified as a misdemeanor, but for higher quantities, the same offense may be treated as a felony. To defend yourself against misdemeanor or felony drug charges, you should hire the services of a skillful and tenacious Texas drug possession attorney.


Why You Need Legal Representation?

Charges of possession of controlled substances, drug possession, manufacture, delivery, or another type of drug crime can have serious legal consequences. Matters get worse when the police arrest you simply because you were found in the wrong company or were present in the wrong place at the wrong time. A small quantity of drugs is quite easy to hide, and you may not even know if you are present right next to a package of illegal drugs. 

texas criminal defense attorneyTexas laws do not make it easy for an average individual to understand when they may be considered to be in “possession” of drugs. How close are you required to be to the drugs in order to be charged with possessing them? What happens if you have no idea of the presence of the drugs? Will you be charged if the drugs belong to another person? 

An experienced Texas criminal defense lawyer will take all such issues into account while preparing your defense against felony drug charges. Once you meet the lawyer for a consultation, they will review the facts of your case in detail and then help you formulate an appropriate legal strategy to defend yourself strongly. 

The key to success in these cases lies in the skill and determination of your Texas drug possession lawyer to fight the government’s charges. A lawyer who has adequate experience in handling drug felony cases would know the right legal ways to protect your rights. 


How to Beat Drug Charges?

 A knowledgeable Texas criminal defense attorney will explore various legal options to protect your rights. Consider the following examples: 


Possession of Drugs

Consider a situation where the police find some drugs and arrest you for it, but the drugs did not belong to you. Your attorney will look at issues such as: (a) Where did the police find the drugs? (b) How did they determine the drugs belong to you? (c) What were the surrounding circumstances? (d) If the recovery of drugs was made from a vehicle, how many different people used that vehicle? 

texas criminal defense lawyerUnder Texas laws, drug possession can be established only after these and more factors have been accounted for. Your attorney will scrutinize crucial elements such as knowledge, intent, control, and ownership. 


Illegal Search 

When the police search you or your property and found drugs, did they follow the law or was there a violation of your constitutional rights? A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer will address these core legal issues to defend you against drug possession charges, and hold the police accountable for how they carried out the search.

An arrest doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Your case can be fought, and it can be won. Flood- & Associates has a team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys that will fight tooth and nail for victory on your behalf. Call our team 24/7, 365 at (713) 224-5529 for a free case review or contact us online to request a free consultation with one of our attorneys.



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