Criminal Investigator’s Mistakes Could Jeopardize Dozens of Cases

April 13, 2017

A Houston crime scene investigator has recently been scrutinized for multiple errors relating to criminal cases. Justin McGee is a Houston police officer who has just returned back to patrol. He’s been linked to issues with key evidence from 65 violent crimes, including 26 homicides and six child deaths since 2015. McGee has been reported to not input key information into law enforcement tracking systems and overlooking crucial evidence. The investigator was involved in an incident at Texas Southern University in August 2015 where an officer responded to an active shooter on campus. During the investigation, McGee failed to take photos of the crime scene, the officers involved or the murder suspect. Additionally, he did not seize the officer’s weapon for testing. The TSU shooting wasn’t McGee’s only botched case. He has also repeatedly failed to collect DNA swabs or test for fingerprints. He even sometimes left bloody evidence behind such as a belt that was used to strike the victim of a homicide. The investigator’s supervisor, Jeff Cruser, has been cited for failing to rectify McGee’s errors. Cruser has been removed temporarily out of service because he decided to keep the investigator on his crime unit despite the persistent mistakes. McGee’s constant overlooked errors now has criminal defense firms such as Tyler Flood & Associates, Inc. reexamining all cases that may have been handled by the investigator. Our managing attorney, Tyler Flood, had a few words on the situation involving McGee: “He was not only trained, he was double-trained. You either train them to do the job the right way or you don’t let them do the job.”


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