Is Texas DWI Enforcement Different Due to Covid-19?

August 4, 2020

The number of DWI cases across the country declined during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis because of the lockdown and shelter in place orders. Texas also witnessed similar trends compared to last year, but the decline in DWI charges in the state has not been as low as some would expect.


The police in the state continue to enforce DWI laws vigorously. It is important to understand that even as the Covid-19 pandemic persists, the DWI law enforcement procedures in Texas and the imposition of penalties are continuing as before. In fact, the post-COVID era may see DWI enforcement measures getting further intensified in Texas. If you are facing DWI charges, you should talk to a seasoned Texas DWI attorney immediately.


Status on No-Refusal Periods during Covid-19 

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Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Texas police have continued with their DWI enforcement practice of no-refusal periods. During these periods, additional resources are deployed to enable law enforcement officials in Texas to obtain warrants in a swift manner. This allows for the imposition of BAC tests on potential drunk drivers who do not want to submit to the test voluntarily.


The no-refusal periods are designed to serve as a deterrent against drunk driving during holidays or weekends. As the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis continues, Texas DWI enforcement’s status on No-Refusal periods remains the same as before. Consult with a Texas DWI lawyer to learn more about the laws related to No-Refusal periods.

Alcohol To-Go Laws: Status during the Pandemic  

The state waived restrictions in March 2020 on alcohol to-go pickups from restaurants because of coronavirus outbreak-related shelter in place orders. The goal was to assist restaurants to maintain some of their sales even as their services were curtailed during the lockdowns.


According to these new restrictions, restaurants in Texas are allowed to offer kits for mixing alcoholic drinks, but they provided alcoholic beverage should be enclosed in a sealed container. However, restaurant service personnel may sometimes make a mistake to provide alcoholic drinks in the conventional to-go cups which are not appropriately sealed.


Texas motor vehicle drivers could be charged in such cases with open container violations. DWI charges may also increase in these situations. If the law enforcement officer finds an alcoholic beverage in an open container lying around the driver or passenger seat, you could face open container violation charges and may also be asked to submit to a BAC test. To protect your rights in this situation, speak to a skilled Texas DWI attorney.

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Re-Opening the Economy will Increase DWI Enforcement

As the state economy re-opens with the decline in coronavirus cases, some people may like to meet more often with their friends, relatives, colleagues, and business associates while maintaining social distance.


This could increase the frequency to drink alcohol and the incidence of drunk driving may also go up. Texas law enforcement is likely to keep track of these trends and may impose more stringent enforcement steps to intercept and deter intoxicated drivers.

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