Highway Patrol Crackdowns on DWI Crimes Over Labor Day Weekend

August 29, 2017

Labor Day Weekend officially begins September 1st and goes to the 4th. Each year, this little break from many Texans’ regular work schedules allows them to enjoy some time with friends and family, either going to get-togethers or taking short road trips within the state. However, Labor Day Weekend also comes with a rise in driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrests across the country.
Law enforcement agencies throughout Texas and the rest of the United States are acutely aware of the increased chances of motorists hitting the road after having too many alcoholic beverages due to Labor Day Weekend festivities.
This awareness may stir up overzealousness in some officers, who begin to see a drunk driver wherever they look, regardless of whether or not the driver is legally intoxicated or not. Police departments may also expect higher DWI arrest quotas over Labor Day Weekend, unintentionally putting undue pressure on officers to place more people in cuffs during their shifts.
In any situation, no matter if police are unjustly arresting people or not, the only true way to stay out of DWI trouble this Labor Day Weekend is to not drink and drive. At Tyler Flood & Associates, our Houston DWI defense attorneys will stand by your side and shield your rights and driving privileges through thick and thin if you do get arrested for a DWI. But we would much rather everyone in our communities stay safe and sound.
Here is a quick list of helpful ways to prevent a DWI this Labor Day Weekend by avoiding drinking and driving altogether:

  • Designated driver (DD): The oldest trick in the book still proves to be the most effective. For your Labor Day Weekend crew, pick out a designated driver and hold them to their promise to not drink. Even one alcoholic beverage is one too many for the DD.
  • Key collection: At some parties, the host will collect the keys of any drivers and store them in a safe location. When a person wants to depart, they must prove to the sober host that they are also sober and ready to drive. See if the hosts of your Labor Day Weekend event are going to utilize the same system.
  • Ridesharing: Your smartphone most likely has some sort of ridesharing app preinstalled on it. Most Android-based devices will have Uber on there, for example.
    In case you get too drunk to drive, you might need to use a ridesharing app to get home safely. Rates might be increased due to Labor Day Weekend demand but pretty much any per-mile-traveled fee is well worth getting home without getting into an accident or getting arrested by Texas highway patrol.
  • Houseguest: Do you know and trust the hosts of the Labor Day Weekend party you plan to attend? Ask them if drivers too intoxicated to get home safely can spend the night on the couch or in a guest bed. Once again, being late for tomorrow’s plans is far better than being arrested or getting into a crash.
  • Pull over: Sometimes alcohol can take a while to really start to affect a person’s motor skills and cognitive abilities. It is entirely possible that a person could leave a Labor Day party thinking they are safe to drive only to realize they are not while they are on the road. In this situation, the safest idea might be to pull over entirely off the road and into a parking, if possible, and call for a taxi to take you home. Keep in mind that if you fall asleep in your vehicle while intoxicated, you could still be charged with a DWI if a police officer finds you.

We know that people make mistakes; however, if you get arrested for DWI over Labor Day Weekend, we hope you come to our law firm first for compassionate, trusted, and experienced representation from a leading Houston DWI attorney.
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