DWI Defense Houston: Will a DWI Charge Kill My Chances of Going to College?

January 31, 2022

Admission to a good college is your stepping stone to a successful career. Colleges are highly selective about the candidates they choose because they have a reputation to protect. In this scenario, it is natural to worry whether a DWI charge may hurt your chances of admission.

But when you want to reduce the likelihood of rejection, you should get representation from a capable DWI defense Houston law firm to fight your DWI charges. Here are some other things to consider:

Do You Have an Obligation to Inform The College About DWI?

Your first instinct may be to hide the information from the college you are applying to for admission. However, before doing any such act, consult with your DWI defense Houston lawyer. They will inform you that you are under no legal obligation to reveal your DWI history as long as you are not asked about it. Do not bring up this issue on your own at any point.

However, if the college asks specifically about criminal background, you should disclose your past DWI conviction. Giving false information in your application may result in:

Rejection of Application

The college may conduct their own legal background check and find out that you lied about your DWI conviction. They may immediately reject your application.

Expulsion From College

Even if you are accepted for admission, the college may expel you later on if they find out you lied to get admitted.

Jeopardizing Your Degree

No matter if you complete your college and receive a degree, you are still at risk. If your lie at the time of admission is discovered years later, your ability to finish your degree could be jeopardized.

Discuss the Possibilities with Your DWI Defense Houston Attorney

A DWI conviction in Texas could be a misdemeanor or a felony DWI. A college may not refuse to accept you just because you had a misdemeanor DWI conviction. However, being convicted for a felony DWI may seriously jeopardize your chances of admission to a good college.

If you were only charged with a DWI but not convicted, you should seek expunction of your criminal record with the help of your DWI defense Houston lawyer. An expunged DWI record will usually not show in a background check.

Financial Aid and Scholarship

A DWI conviction in Texas may harm your chances of receiving Pell grants and federal student loans that you might want to apply for. A DWI will not disqualify you automatically from federal financial aid as a student. But if your DWI conviction involved drug-related intoxication, it may jeopardize your chance to obtain student aid. A felony DWI conviction might disqualify you in any case from most student financial aid programs.

When you are applying for a scholarship, the application form is likely to require several types of personal information, including whether you have a criminal history. It is prudent to provide honest information because the granting agency may run a background check anyway while processing your application.

Fight Your DWI Charge to Protect Your Future

The DWI defense Houston team at Tyler Flood & Associates, Inc. understands the long-term ramifications of a DWI conviction and are prepared to mount a robust defense on your behalf and get your charges dismissed if possible. We will work with a goal to ensure your legal consequences are minimized.

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