4 Reasons to Choose a Texas High Net Worth DWI Attorney

July 15, 2020


Although driving while intoxicated may be a common occurrence, it can have serious legal consequences if you are arrested. Things can quickly spiral out of control at a personal front, particularly if you have a high net worth and your stakes are too high. The prospect of potential jail time and a criminal record can be devastating for you in many ways.

In this situation, your first step should be to speak to an experienced Texas high net worth DWI attorney. A capable and resourceful attorney will be able to swiftly move to create a strong defense and do everything possible within the ambit of the law to protect your rights. Here are four reasons why you should choose the best Texas DWI attorney for your defense. 

texas high net worth dwi attorney

Ability to Analyze Every Fact in Your Defense

A seasoned DWI lawyer in Texas will know that sometimes seemingly insignificant facts and information can make a monumental difference in these cases. They will scrutinize every little detail related to your DWI arrest. 

They will evaluate whether the law enforcement officers who arrested you conducted themselves properly and were in compliance with the law. They will use expert scientific knowledge to examine whether the breathalyzer test process or the device itself was questionable.

Building a Robust Defense Strategy 

Based on a thorough investigation, case analysis and gathering all the facts and information about the circumstances surrounding your case, a Texas high net worth DWI attorney will create a strong defense strategy. Their first goal will be to have your charges dismissed in order to achieve a complete win.

However, they will be flexible enough to consider the possibility of seeking reduced charges (such as changing the charge to reckless driving) so that the serious legal consequences associated with a Texas DWI charge can be avoided.

Extensive Trial Experience

A skilled and experienced Texas DWI attorney should be well-versed with court trials and should have the ability to think on their feet in front of a judge. They will be thoroughly prepared with all the documents and evidence meticulously ready for presenting in court.

They will know what the strong points of your case are that must be highlighted in the court, what pieces of evidence will work in your favor, and what arguments will cast a shadow of doubt on the prosecution’s claims. Their legal team would know the ins and outs of trial procedures, court rules, and local laws, and will deliver a convincing defense with total professionalism.

texas high net worth dwi attorney

Negotiating a DWI Plea Bargain

A seasoned Texas DWI lawyer would be able to assess when the prosecution does not exactly have a slam-dunk case. Where the legal strategy/ demands plea bargaining, your attorney will discuss with you about accepting a plea to a reduced charge.

Knowledgeable and experienced attorneys will seize the opportunity for a plea bargain when it is more advantageous to you rather than risking a trial. In particular, when the DWI case involves aggravating circumstances, your lawyer will explore all possible avenues to minimize the consequences.

Choose a Dependable Texas High Net Worth DWI Attorney

When the stakes are high, you need a dedicated DWI lawyer who an exceptional track record of wins. At Flood & Associates, we are prepared to fight tooth and nail to win your case in court. Speak to our legal team at 713.224.5529 to request a personal consultation with our lawyers or contact us online.





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