3 Tips to Avoid Texas DWI

August 25, 2020

The ideal way to avoid a DWI charge in Texas is to never drink and drive. Even if you have had just one drink, you could be exceeding the legal BAC limit, depending on when you had the drink, what is body size, and how much food you ate last. However, if you get arrested for DWI, your first step should be to contact a Texas DWI attorney. 


Take these Steps to Mitigate Your Risk of DWI Arrest


Your risk of a DWI arrest is minimized if a police officer does not stop your vehicle or does not suspect that you may be intoxicated. Follow these suggestions, which an experienced Texas DWI lawyer will usually recommend: 


  • Make sure your vehicle registration is valid and your car as the appropriate tag

  • Do not violate any traffic laws 

  • Keep your vehicle in a street-legal condition. (Defective equipment such as a faulty turn signal or a broken light can lead to a traffic stop.)

  • When a police officer stops you, do not volunteer information

  • Refuse to take a field sobriety test


Be Polite but not Overly Cooperative with the Police Officer 

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When a law enforcement officer has stopped on the suspicion of DWI, you must remain calm and polite and cooperate with them. But that does not mean that you willingly reveal any incriminating information, which will make it harder for your Texas DWI attorney to defend you.


While you must present your driver’s license and car insurance proof on the officer’s request, the law in Texas does not require you to answer questions, such as: (a) Are you drunk? (b) How many drinks did you have? (c) Were you drinking with friends a few hours ago?


Although the implied consent law in Texas says that you agree to take a BAC test if a police officer asks for it, but actually you can refuse to submit yourself to this test. However, this will have legal consequences. In any case, you can refuse to take field sobriety or coordination tests without any damaging consequences. 


You can politely refuse to answer any probing questions from the police officer that could incriminate you. Your best answer to these questions would be that you will address all questions only after you have had the opportunity to speak to a Texas DWI lawyer. 


Get a Trusted and Reputable DWI Attorney on Your Side

texas dwi attorney


A DWI arrest does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted. You are within your rights to request a police officer that you wish to consult with a lawyer. The ideal situation would be that you receive advice from a knowledgeable Texas DWI attorney about which type of BAC test you should undergo. 


Within two hours of your DWI arrest, you can also get an independent chemical test performed in Texas. Your lawyer could assist you with this. Once you have your lawyer by your side, you will feel much more confident as they will take charge of the situation and help you navigate the process swiftly. 


Legal Help from a Top-Rated Texas DWI Lawyer 


When you have the experienced legal team from Flood & Associates on your side, you can be sure of receiving the best DWI defense in Texas. We will work hard to have your charges minimized or dismissed. For a free case review or consultation, call us at 713.224.5529 or reach us online.


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